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It's Beginning To Rain

| Wednesday, August 22, 2012 |

The turtle dove is singing
Its sweet song of morning
The leaves on the trees
Turn their silver cups to the sky.
The silent clouds above
Are beginning to gather
The barren land is thirsty
And so am I.

It's beginning to rain
Hear the voice of the father
He's saying whosoever will
Come and drink of this water
He's promised to pour his spirit out
On your sons and your daughters
If you're thirsty and dry
Look up to the sky
It's beginning to rain.

The young man's eyes start to shine
As he tells of his vision
The old understands what he sees
For he's dreamed his dreams
With the thrill of being alive
They reach for each other
And they dance in the rain
with the joy of the things
That they've seen.

At the first drop of rain that you hear
Throw open the windows
Go call all the children to gather
Throw wide the door.
When the rains of the Sprit are falling
Fill every vessel
For he who drinks his fill
Will thirst no more.


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