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| Friday, July 20, 2012 |

[Verse 1]
Blunt full of sour, I'm out of orbit and lovin.
Stunt, since you're louder. I doubt if its more than nothing.
Chump or a coward, we bout it you like my cousin.
But once you get devoured, the sour's not what you puffin.
I do my thing better, you get wetter and jealous.
I pass out. You hit several fellas.
Now a nigga set up. Spirits saying "get up".
Extra extra. Waiting for the big guess what.
A long night. A strong fight. Head blugend with a long pipe.
Legend with the wrong guy. Which guy? Tell my witch "try".
The curse makes me slip, so I tell my bitch die.
This is blacken. Halo with the bottom line.
Shit gets cracking. Laying as I bottle 9.
Bitch it happened. Crazy but I gotta die.
Waiting for my homicide.
Play it if you down to ride.

[Verse 2]
Flashback back to back to back that crap.
Mad whack. Snack on Apple Jacks snack wraps.
Past that, I pass Jack the Chaz cat.
Mad whack. But have rap as a snack rap.
The ass cat relaxes, using AFLAC.
I got your back. Where Lenox Ave at?
We go to Lex and ain't nobody flexion.
Ain't nobody question. Ain't a body blessed with exiting.
My best friend is reason why I would snipe the fucking president.
Did time because I hit a cop.
Did my time, then I did a line, hit a dime, in her mind, in her twat.
This is my time, nigga dine on a bigger shot.
Missle flies by, hit your eye, then hits your block.
Grin and grind when it's dinner time. My rock.
Jigga, fine. Get your shine. In my prime, I rock.


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