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| Saturday, July 28, 2012 |

uh...It's...Well you know who it is. Fuck it
what's good nigga

[Verse 1]
How do you start a verse so hard your heart could burst
If you don't start the verse, press start, you heard
I'm as smart as nerds, but truly from the streets
Musically a beast, call me Beauty and the Geek
I don't run around looking for groupies I can skeet
Groupies look for me, screw me, and they leave
Tell them they won't screw me, they say screw me, then they leave
Text me that morning wishing they blew me like the leaves
Who could be so peaceful?
Not give a fuck about the same types of vices that lock niggas up
Stop giving up, you got to give up...
The props to me cause I got niggas stuck
Popular touch, anonymous
But do I give a fuck, it's obvious
That the sound of my voice brings you peace of mind
Cause, Peace, Here's a piece of mine. Peace

[Hook x2]
This is just a random verse. No meaning
No meaning. No teaching
Don't think it won't possess you

[Verse 2]
Maybe I'm just a little too real
Feelings do feel, killing you still
Niggas do chill, but killers do reveal
Just how they murder when they murder a nigga
Y'all niggas kill me when you say you've never heard of a nigga
You gotta speak proverbial nigga
Charles Hamilton, my name is a verb but bigger
An adverb, I describe your moves
I decide, I'm always right, Hcho on the drivers side
Eternal living, I'm gonna have to fucking try to die
Fuck your bank account, it's just another lot of buy
Why deny my flow science rap iodine
I could dine on you chicken ass rappers
Kriss Kross, lip gloss, living ass rappers
Bitch ass rappers, living ass backwards
Go ahead and get at me, it's a tricky trap bastard
Trip in that trap and you twist your cap back
Dead up, fuck with me, I'll fuck your head up
I toot at little niggas while I toot at little niggas
To my students it's love, but to you I will get ya
You getting me? Are you for real nigga?
Get out of my space and get a real picture

[Hook x2]
This is just a random verse. No meaning
No meaning. No teaching
Don't think it won't possess you

Look man, this is what I'm gonna need you guys to do. Keep your
invites, minimize your insight. Because there's a reason why we are
here. And we got this. Now, we're gonna continue to humor you guys for
as long as we could. But there's gonna come a moment where nothing you
say is gonna matter. Maybe you should start stomaching that for now.

Think so you can thought. I'm outta here

Lyrics by, Kevin Montano...!!!


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