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Jesus I'll Praise You Forever

| Sunday, July 29, 2012 |

Though life may bring things in my path
I cannot understand
And circumstances try my faith
There's trouble on each hand
Your word speaks clearly in my heart
My voice to you I'll raise
You're still my lord
So I'll give to you a sacrifice
I'll praise

Jesus I'll praise You forever
Jesus I'll praise You forever
No matter what the cost may be
I'll praise you eternally
My heart's made up
I'll praise You forever!

I'm entering your presence now
With Thanksgiving and praise
Oh Lord, you know I do love you so
I'll praise you all my days
To know you live within my heart
Means everything to me
You're worthy Lord of my praise
Through all eternity

I'm entering the sanctuary
With praises in my heart
Dear Lord, you know that I love You
I'll praise you all my life
Your word is heeded near my heart
And it's good enough for me
You are my Lord
And I'll worship you forever and ever

Haitian Creole version:


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