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Just Stand

| Sunday, July 29, 2012 |

When you've said all you can say, and you've done all you can do,
You've prayed all you can pray, but you're still not getting through,
Jesus speaks to you in love, saying that He understands.
Now that you've done all that you can, just stand!

Just stand and see the salvation of the Lord
He's a strong and mighty tower, the calm within your storm
And when you're trembling in fear, just remember that he's near
So when you've done all that you can JUST STAND

So if your fight has been long and hard, with no victory in sight,
You feel all hope is gone, think you have no strength to fight,
In the weakness of your faith, still you know God has a plan.
You'll be safe within His hand. Just stand! 

From Brother Rodney


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