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Dear Lord I Bow Before Your Throne

| Monday, July 23, 2012 |

Lord here I am
Humblimg my self
Under your mighty hand
I recognize if I do your will
You'll bless me to the end, dear Lord!
In all my many faults and all my trials
You have never left me
I realise if I'm still here
It's cause you have chosen me

Dear Lord I bow before your throne
With all my burdens
There is no way that
I can solve all of my problems
although I've tried never succeed
All of my efforts will be in vain
when I'm alone in despire
You see them

‎It's by your grace
Dear lord I'm here
Living a clean life.
Give me more courage
And your Holy Spirit
To help me overcome someday.
I'll never worry for what's ahead of me
On this road that I chose.
I realized if I'm still here
You have chosen me

Haitian Creole version:

Thank you sister Faith Cheyenne


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