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| Thursday, July 19, 2012 |

I'm not trying to find just some new frame of mind
That will change my old point of view
For I've been through it
All deep inside nothing's changed
I'm not new
I'm not seeking a gift or emotional lift
But one thing I'm longing to do
Is to lift up my cup
And let you fill it up with just you.

More of you
More of you
I've had all but what I need: just more of you
Of things, I've had my fill and yet I hunger still
Empty and bare, Lord hear my prayer for more of you

I have searched all around in the husks that abound
But I find no nourishment there
Now my strength's almost gone and I feel the pull of despair
Yet my thirst drives me on and I stumble along over ground so barren and dry
For the spring's just ahead, Living Water, Lord, fill me I cry.

Creole version:


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