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Jesus Rescues Me

| Tuesday, July 10, 2012 |

Going through so many changes
What's the news for today?
Somebody's hurt, somebody's aching
Somebody's trying to find a way

A heavy heart can break your will
A troubled soul leaves time standing still
If you're hurting please don't hide
Lift up your head I'm on your side

When every mountain seems too high
And every river looks too wide
When my dreams are lost at sea
Jesus rescues me

My faith is strong and carries me
Though sometimes weak I still believe
My life is built on this desire
Through the flood and through the fire
Jesus rescues me

I know you're looking for an answer
Searching for some hope to hold
Empty hands leave you waiting
Praying for a miracle

Jesus hears every cry
He sees the walls that we can't climb
And He will heal your hurting soul
And lead you safely to his Home


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