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Losing Control, Revisited

| Sunday, February 24, 2013 |

[Verse 1]

Everything was so fine in the afterlife
I'm in the place where convicts go after life
Spent half my life trynna find some definition to it
But it didn't work out no definition to it
So I'm back in the lab, trying to make an elixir,that will keep me safe from this twister
Another formula to make more than just family fans
I know it's destiny but can it be planned
I mean, so many people that play in this picture
But they mad extra, don't know who to play in this picture
But I don't ever play in the picture
Reality the musical, no play in this picture
Play on words,even play on the script,lay in a ditch
Blazed from the haze of some bitches,taking some pictures,of me laying with the misses
Modest living seems so fucking distant


But I gotta keep holdin' on
Even though I'm losing control,control
But I gotta keep holdin' on
Even though I'm losing control,control
Losing con..

[Verse 2]

Nowadays I get lost in my music
Forced to walk the plank,get tossed from my music
Get divided by the sharks in my music
Go to hell,end up in heaven,playing harps in my music
That's why you never hear harps in my music
Only one song, it was hard for me to do it
Goes to show I know no limits
I ate Pandora's box but I won't go in it
The secrets of the world can be found in me
Tied up and bound to me
Crown me please
So high,my Ego is Below,HE so
Cocky,then he died,now BEhold
THEE most,prolific nigga spittin' dope scriptures
The devils son,gods favorite,an they're both sibling
And that's why I'm so sickening,so dig this, you earthlings just don't get it
I grabbed the devil and god and made them both listen
No dissing,no blasphemous, col dig it?
Never parlay for the paper, no poems written
I hope you hoes listen to more than one whole sentence
Fuck 100 percent, I put my soul in this
Eating Dilla's donuts, flipped it
Proceeded to go nuts,oh shucks
Will you little niggas ever grow up
I used to do shrooms, I was on that Super Mario stuff
Now Luigi make me an my sweetie some fettuccine
Niggas would never see me,if the devil was good
So you niggas show some fuckin respect when I step in your hoods
My message is good my messages should,be looked at as the same restraining method as suge
Before the truth comes, the messenger dies
So I wasn't scared I was expecting to die
Came back nothing changed,name still the same
Name still remains, I came here for change
But I ain't here to change, put em together
If you looking for a fault you'll be looking forever
I control my destiny,I'm the living nirvana
Charles Hamilton,alive but with a different persona
Just a shame I had to die without kissing my mamma
But I had to get the fuck out and drift from the drama
So come on, lets go fishing Osama
Picture Saddam in the kitch' with some ganja,Biggie and Tanya
Who's Tanya?,somebody's mamma,somebody's sister, somebody's victim
It be the names of the no-names, that we don't say
So there really is no change, OK
So trace me if you must, convince yourself that all of this is luck
The holy trinity is us,HCho,Swiss, and Chuck
No profile picture up
Rip the dutch
Gets the guts
Get some dust
Twist it up
[Light] it up
And drift with us
And by dust I don't mean pixie dust
I mean the dust from your vinyl cause this is tough

[Charles Talking]
Its not over


Another 8 from another great mind
Never waste time, this cat died 8 times
Numerology says that I'm a straight 9
So why the hell would I live life in a straight line
If only I can make time for my great bride
Then me and my great bride will escape time
An eternity of pain, with the promise of bliss
Watch how you fall in love in the bottom less pit

[A very long outro I don't feel like typing]

Shoutout to Paragraff from Rap Genius for the lyrics


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