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I Hate You, Charles Hamilton!

| Monday, February 18, 2013 |

Come on, just let this one run
I did some fucked up things man
I'm sorry, but see...

[Verse 1]
Don't let Scab fool you people
I have the tendency of being rude to people
Nickname "Money", I'm the root of evil
Serve a plate full of dog food to people
When I got done getting my ass kicked
I'd enter the class with a sinister laugh
Kids would figure I'm mad
But my payback was more than physical actions
It was the getting the last hit
Grabbed my bully's chair and filled it with tacks
When they stick in his ass, the kids would just laugh
Cause this is disaster
I was sick of this bastard Conrad
Jumped my ass but was a dumb ass
He and Kevin were the reasons why I had to run fast
But I got Kevin's fat ass good
He was a cheater, so to prove I hate this man
I gave him all the wrong answers on the state exam
Felt great like...damn, I done had enough of this
This is payback, so I had to start some trouble quick
Made my bullies feel extra stupid
And yea, after school I would be left with bruises
And I was wrong, but it was retribution
All I know is

Repeats sample:
(I don't know why I do the things I do
I don't know why I say the things I say)

I did wild shit man
I don't even know why man
The lord said "Hold your peace and let me fight your battles
and victory shall be yours"
Guess I couldn't wait that long

[Verse 2]
Charles is was a problematic
Problematic cause of static
Automatically a devil or rebel on any level
After a while I didn't speak to people
I was mean and evil, even when so deep and being so mean and weak to people
When home and wrote a bunch of fat jokes for this fat hoe named Jessica
She thought I was mad slow
So like an asshole
I opened an emotional gash so big that it messed her up
See when niggas hit hard, I showed them all of the jokes
Marlene stunk, so I sprayed Lysol in her coat
That's funny, but the thing that Charles didn't know
Is she's allergic, now she can't talk cause her throat
Was all fucking swollen, and the day before
I put gum on the keyhole of my neighbors door
Aye, it's not my fault, he pissed me off
Ain't nobody told his ass to go and kick me off, but still

Repeats sample:
(I don't know why I do the things I do
I don't know why I say the things I say)

I don't even know
But Raul's an asshole, I'm gonna fuck him up
I don't care if I was in 8th grade and he was 20-something
Still gonna kick the shit out of him
My dog is a pekingese, why would you kick my dog?
Bastard, what's good with you?
That's why you sister is fucking ugly, bastard
Anyway, back to the song

[Verse 3]
For years I tortured Akira
I was small and petite, she was tall and obese
And it started off sweet, but me being one to fall to peer pressure
I gossiped, tongues talking toxic
I did the same shit to...
Renita, Nandy, Brandi, Fancy Janet, Angie...well not so much Angie, but
Jimmy, JP, Amy, Betty, Austina, Jenelcy, Josina
Damn, Cherise got it bad, I called her a lesbian
Dated the bitch, nowadays she's really a lesbian
Shay, Chellana, Andrea, Marcell, Jamelle
Jarell, Isiah, then the chicks I shitted on being a player
I don't know hot to sedate myself
Sometimes I can't even tolerate myself
If I was a girl, nah, I wouldn't date myself
See y'all ain't gotta hate me, I hate myself


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