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| Saturday, February 23, 2013 |

Aight, aight, aight
I know how you uhh...
I know how you be panicking and shit
But, I'm talking about you
And to make it clear, read the track listing

[Hook 1]
Hello there Cece, as seen on TV, how have you been?
I know a few Cece's
And the beautiful female species, they're all friends
You and I can be more than, more of what we already are
We're already stars, it's getting harder to talk..
To others, I'm good friends with your brother
You don't want him knowing we were lovers, it's cool

[Verse 1]
I committed the ultimate treason
I took my buddy's sister, I might have buddy listed her
The love we didn't touch is what I don't want to give up
We're both infants, I mean big Stans
She has a poem called V-O-L-E
Loves relationship between evil and she
And she means so many things I gotta see
Wrote about her in L Word 1, could she not believe?
Wait, before the L Word
Fell in love hurt, missing each other like jailbirds
A cell writer crossed the hall
Writing on the walls like our night was in the stars
So no matter what they say...

[Hook 2]
I miss you Cece
I want you to need me like before
And technically you didn't tell me you need me
But every time that you'd see me, we'd explore
Reason to be why we should love again
Probably think I just want to fuck again
Well look into my eyes and find such lust again
I probably just need your touch again
But since we're just friends, no more this just ins

[Outro/Verse 2]
A job MC and a bowl of weed
Columby campus, me holding you
You over me, I'm holding true
To what we don't believe
But we fucking OD'd


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