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Boom Boom CHUCK!

| Tuesday, February 12, 2013 |

Yo, I feel like I should say CH,CH, CH, CH
Cause nigga, 50's dead ass saying my name on this shit

[Verse 1]
C-H to the UCK in here
You rap too, ask me if I fucking care
Ten freaky wanna fuck in here
Cause they think I'm a sap like the Buccaneers
Pink panther stays in Tampa Bay
So they on the sap's sack like the Buccaneers
This is the year of the Scorpio
Based on my sign, that means it's my fucking year
Get it?
He's no flower, he speaks no louder
But screams on tracks loud enough to hear
The subliminal criminal, no reverse in lyrics
I've been cursed with cursing, so perverse, you fear it
Perfect? Near it.
I'm about a 9 out of 10
9 times out of 10, I outrhyme you kids
But seeing as though I'm the one at it
That is what I mean when I say I'm mathematics
Gynecologist to you pussies, yeah here's the inner scope
Your girl got more artists than Interscope in her throat
She digs me, I guess I am the best man
Put the earphones on and made the bitch Def Jam
Keep naming labels so easily
Cause I'm so independent like TVT
BET, you gets me like "Charles might flop"
I put your ass in a graveyard like Koch
I ain't unsigned hype, I'm underground speed
Off the radar cocaine, don't come around me
I love the sound of my voice when I'm high
The choice is mine, king like Royce da 5'9
The original renegade, boy, it's my time
6 since the boy was 9, was annoying my mind
You know the boy Chuck got a Nazi touch
Your niggas CD's get chucked like a hockey puck
My nigga Swizz call me Chuck, so does MC Lyte
You ain't a DJ, but you fucking love to Envy, right?
Such morbid thoughts, go ahead, try you luck
Force it, and get your ass kicked like Chuck Norris


What up!

Aww man!, I guess this is the re-up, huh?
I spit a lot of crack man
Shit, I guess I'm the American Gangster, huh?
Aw man, no disrespect to Hov, I'm just like, you know, nicer
Dennis the menace, the spitting is here
Let me get out the booth man before these federal ass rappers shoot me


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