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westchester freestyle

| Sunday, January 27, 2013 |

Let me drop a freestyle
I like this album, I like freestyling on it

[Verse 1]
Gonna tell me what you love about me
And don't tell me it ain't nothing about me
Give me a hug when you around me
Matter of fact, all I feel is love when you surround me
Like sound, right now
This is something I didn't have to write down
Your chick coming through in a night gown
Not Mario but the pipe's down
Gotta lay it for her
Got a story, imma say it for her
Only because the table's for her
Cause she laying on the corner pocket
Got a number in my pocket on the corner, stop it
Weighing my options, never gonna stop it
Only because Gothic is the topic
Had to go Gothic cause niggas on they rap shit
Didn't respect my rock shit, tell them stop it
Like the number 5, wanna run around?
See if you can run alive, I got a gun around
It ain't a pistol though, it's an issue solver
Niggas already know I'm from Harlem
But...wait till I add that Cleveland
Magic, nigga's don't leave with an automatic
You don't leave cause you get left

Matter of fact, you could take 6 steps, Imma take your breath
And sell it back to you
Like you could only breathe if you breathe this breath

And the sample is Westchester Lady

[Verse 2]
Used to live up in Westchester, call me crazy
But I had a lady neighbor downstairs
Used to love her little brown hair
Never seen her pubic though
I know she work no cubicle
She gotta put her work in, for certain
Body perfect, love the way she work it
Used to irk her nerves like
Can you let me in like I'm a different person?
Used to have her open up the garage
Me and her had a Minaj
Imaginary though
Me and my guitar, looking at the stars
And I'm high as a star
Matter of fact, I'm high as far
Like stars are
But Charles is like Charizard, 3rd level up
Bout to burn them up, burning the devil up
Make the devil wanna cook with me
Matter of fact, open the book with me
See if you could look with me
Not a crook on the streets but a crook with the beats
I sample it
Bob James said Charles can't handle it
So I flipped it a couple different ways
Making niggas change the channel quick

I know you hear the drums

I just wanted to have a little fun
This is the last album of 2010
I'll be surprised if anyone drop anything
Uh!, I gotta a little more time, verse
Let it run!


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