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| Monday, January 28, 2013 |

This beat by itself is a verse
3 of the best producers you've probably ever heard of
If you in tune, you know who we are
H2, Frank Midi, and Charles Hamilton on one beat

[Verse 1]
Hard beats, dope lyrics, hooks made of opium
Listen and say I'm OD-ing, so genius
Charles speaks so spirits can look away from what's holding them
Bondage from paranormal correspondents
Honest as carols when snow falls
Kind of like Paris with no claws
Immaculate dope bars
I live in a planet with no draws
Since using soap on this planet is standard, here's dope bars
I'm really not about having a filthy mouth but...
Fucking bitches be shitting on a nigga and never hear me out
So at parties, my ass is missing
I'm on a fasting mission
While niggas fucking mad bitches with ass
Give me a glass of name taking and kicking ass
Sleeping naked in a Psych ward
Like goodnight door, goodnight floor
No piff, then goodnight Lord
I write more to not spend the whole night bored
Then the doctors got the nerve to ask what I write for
If I stop doing 16's, I'll kill all with a light 4
Good sentences, grammatically, I'm quite sure
All of life's forces have been waiting for me to recite with force
My lackadaisical rapping has to amaze the actors
The same saying rappers are babies lacking the habit of saying actual facts
To be exact, most of these half-gay rappers
Slap they face when asked to say lackadaisical may capture when phrased after
Pardon me
Ok rapper, explain what lackadaisical means
And how I'm great when practicing the adjective when I say what I mean
My adjectives and bars are like the cases between
GED recipients and jail can say what I mean
Describe catching a case behind bars
Now break the bars down and relate the between
Any mistakes or just mean, I keep them


Still in the booth by the way


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