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Heavenly Bounce

| Friday, December 14, 2012 |

It's that heavenly bounce baby

[Verse 1]
She ain't never met a guy like this before
I got game, and I don't drive a '64...
Impala, all I do is rap and get dollars
If dollars..should come, she will get nada
Not cause I'm selfish or stingy or nothin
But she got me, her friends really in view the loving
Her man is a boy, I'm a Kindergarten cop
You trying to find a spot to hit while I be hitting all the spots
She likes to argue and I can't change that
Cause after the argument watch the champagne crack
Pop, whatever those bottles do
She got a walk in her body like the models do
And I love when she get hot like a barbecue
She get mad cause her anger is my comic view
So baby, let's do what we aught to do
I might be up in heaven, but my heart's with you
Now sing!

I'm in heaven
With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriend

(I can't make out the rest of the sample. Sorry :/)
It's got that bounce baby

[Verse 2]
All an angel really is a little bit
Of this heavenly weed, just a little bit
And she'll let down her hair in a little bit
And she just won't care in a little bit
She could take to the sky with a little hit
Seeing stars in her eyes in a little bit
She could even get to know me with a little kiss
And you could take her back, homie I don't give a shit

We in the UFO, texting the piffy
A hard body ounce watching Sex in the City
What the difference between sex in the city?
Sex is a city, it's best that you get me
Trick question, go ahead, start laughing
What do I mean? I'm a living orgasm
I make you cum with the flick of my tongue
I ain't licking you hun, I'm just spitting for fun
Think about it

I'm in heaven
With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriend

(I can't make out the rest of the sample. Sorry :/)

[Verse 3]
Please don't try to hide
You're all over the side
If you tell me a lie, goodbye
But I know you tell the truth
And our love is living proof
So let's go touch the roof, I mean the sky
An angel with no wings
You're way too fly for wings
Nothing else can rhyme with wings this time
So you ain't got to wait
To reach those pearly gates
Every time you see my face, you're high


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