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Anti-Up (unless you're down for me) [YouTube verse]

| Wednesday, October 17, 2012 |

I am both the bully and the pet. I could be an exec. I grow my nails and paint them, poppin' p*ssy when it's wet. Lookin' for my ex. Push her in the bed. F*ck her in the bush, or in the tush, like she's in debt. Kush is in my head. Look at where I rest. Harlem 'till I'm born. Brooklyn 'till I'm dead. Ohio 'till I'm Dayton. SEGA 'till I'm Satan. God until I rot, and to be honest, I'm rotten, so whatchu' sayin'? My life is like a joke from a Wayan. Polemic and conceited, I'm Mase mixed with a Magan. And I don't mean Pat. I'm white like a bone. Tight like the hole I would spike, like I drove from the 5 to the zone of the other side of the guys hidin' behind clothes I don't like, because I'm "home". Jim Brown, Jake Plummer, spit rounds, take numbers, Big smile, Rick style, beat-wise, I'm J Wonder. Not a Jigga session. But with the blessing of Dilla's essence, and different questions as a sick professor, I sh1t on all of them. N1ggas get no chance. Hi. Rap-wise, I'm My Chemical Romance. Piss on the whole campus of spitters who don't glance at my spittin', and go glance at my image, like, "Don't chance it." Wishin' for h*es, wishin' for dough, wishin' for both hands to grip on my pole, or twist it 'till there's no b*tch who can pole dance it. Hood n1ggas know. Kissing Nicole. Kidman, Nicole. Get it? I'm so damaging. Sick with the flow, picking my nose, n1gga, there's no Hamilton. Anthony had to find the point. No, he isn't family. My final point. Noisy as my family with the Ryan joint. Poison is my Canada, canopy's the spinal joint. Deploy me, employ me, enjoy me, or spoil me, I'm the guy anointing writing guys who try to Boise, Idaho my stride. Mad potatoes with a bag of clips. If you nice, turn that line into a bag of chips. I'm Drake Manson, I'll show you how to bag a b*tch. I'm bad as sh1t, but being more evil than my dads could wish. Foot rubs every time I look up. Look, slut. It's from the rug. Mad space got took up. Republican stride, like I took it up the butt, But I look this stuff up with Republican pride. Who the f*ck am I? I'm better than Cool Herc. Eff it, it's cool, I bedded the rules, and never refused to do work. Now, step in my shoes, and who's breath will you lose? The dude who's better than you, and grew up to Cool Jerk.



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