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| Saturday, September 8, 2012 |

Check, Check. Yo Sha-Leik man, shit been crazy lately man. I already
know you know I've been having mad fun and shit.

Nigga Jimmy...hold on, let me light a bogie to this.
Nigga, Jimmy said, "You know Charles, I'm not supposed to say this but
uhhh.. focus on making mixtapes man. Get your buzz crazy as you can".

So I've been getting my buzz up and shit. And you already know I've
been running into the old FD hoes right?

Let me tell you something crazy. Enjoy this shit.
Mic Check.
Tell a little story while I'm lighting a bogie, dig it?

[Verse 1]
She told me she was with him for a good minute
Then she told me her name, not good is it?
I said, "Nice to meet you, but fuck is you talking about?
I don't read you." She said, "I need release from this beat
called a lame ass boyfriend.
Everyday is the same, that's poison.
I'm a free spirit, I need experience, vibrant people,
Silent ego." She's such a rapper, always so focused
"So I be fucking his homies, I know he don't know it"
All of this while I'm sipping my Rozay
I've been licked this whole day
I wasn't listening, no way
She continued, " He thinks he can sing, but he really can't.
Think he fly in pink, like he's really Cam.
Spits me all of his lines as if I give a damn.
I write better every way, anyway. I give him a hand.
Then again he do be hitting the spots, shit, not with his dick
I mean the grip in his pocket."
I interrupted, " Not to switch up the topic, but bitch why you jocking?
This nigga ain't popping.
What's his name?"
She said, "Charles Hamilton"
I said, " I heard of the nigga. He signed to star land and shit"
She laughed
I said, " What about him, you must love him.
All the fucking fuss about him"
She said, " He ain't nobody, he fooling you baby.
You gotta put his name then music when you Google him baby.
Other than that, Charles Hamilton Houston is displayed
By the way, what's your name?"
I said, "Music dear lady." Think about it....

And all this shit, all this shit I gotta deal with man...
(Consider this musicsuicide)
Gotta worry about these fucking rappers and shit
(Consider this musicsuicide)
Gotta worry about me saying name to motherfuckers trying to kill me and shit
(Consider this musicsuicide)
Yo Sha-Leik man, I won't go back to 43rd man
I can't even get high no more without stressing the fuck out man
I get high in that building, nigga what, 18th floor
Nigga, I'm gonna jump nigga, shit nigga
I'm gonna call this shit Musicsuicide man
I feel like I am music, you know I gotta do mixtapes and shit
I know Jimmy ain't tell me to not do music and shit
Nigga said, y'know what I mean, get your buzz up
What the fuck man?
These mixtape rappers is killing me man, and I just became one
Guess I'm killing myself now, huh?
Why not? Pull the trigger and shit, you feel me?
So basically I'm just smoking this bogie, you know what I mean
Get some cancer and shit before I grab the pistol right quick
Ya dig?
Sha-Leik, you gon miss me when I'm dead nigga?
That's fucking whack, nigga shook his head
Nigga know I ain't dying

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