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Our high priest is Jesus

| Sunday, September 16, 2012 |

Many times I am weary as I journey this way
And be set by temptation in my soul day by day
Who can know what I feel and my trouble can see?
Who can make intercession with God for me?

Our high priest is Jesus and he can be touched
With the feeling of our infirmities
For he came as a man, fulfilling God's plan
To forgive our sins and iniquities
Let me come boldly before his throne
That we may obtain mercy and find grace
To help in time of need

Jesus knows what we suffer, only He understands
For he, too, had to dwell here In a house made with hands
In all points he was tried and was tempted as we
That is why He is able, our help, to be

There remaineth a rest , now, the people of God
Who will follow the savior in the path He trod
If we'll have faith in Him and His word will believe
Grace and mercy abundant, we will receive

Submitted by Sr. Yvena

Haitian Creole version:


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