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| Wednesday, September 12, 2012 |

Check, check, one, two
Turn me up some, y'all hear me, y'all hear me
It's Charles Hamilton! AKA Blogger enemy #1
Turn my headphones up, I wanna hear myself loud and clear
Hip Hop Game! Woo Hoo!
Sounds like my 21st birthday all over again
Aw man, let's get right into it. If I don't it this take, keep the intro

[Verse 1]
Ahhh, what a beautiful view, from the top
Now the spooky music dude is getting the dude from
who the news'll view as the truth
Stupid to assume because I don't groom
That I don't have demand over Pro Tools
I stand over every man going postal
Trying to get a glance of what Mr. Hamilton can so do
standing alone. So true
Shouts to Shanell, old dude
If you ever got a hidden view at Vibe magazine
Then she can say she knows you
Shouts to the sexy waitress at Noble
I got no boo, so your walls I'd like to go through
I ain't saying, I'm just saying
I guess I'm Super Saiyan like Goku
I'm just doing what I'm supposed to
You love her, wants me, can't have me cause she chose you
She looks like Velma anyway so I have no clue
Why you would go to the altar with her
Don't you know You-Know-Who pose true to how he steps in both shoes
I'm sorry, that was a smart way of saying that I'm real
A hard day of laying in my Major Pain is why Charles may get away
With saying he a smart Damon Wayans
Not to say Wayan that isn't smart, but I'm an only child
A shark amongst the Marlins
Stay away while my army marching
I'm hardly talking, fresh haircut, check my Steve Harvey copping
No photoshop, I'm a living photo op
From the place where you know you should be shot
If you phone the cops
I loan a lot, but I boned a lot of chicks
808 & Heartbreak when I Robocop this shit
I'm the best musician ever, go and cop my shit...
When it drops cause it's gonna be the hottest shit
You wanna mock my shit until you find out
That I got the shit on lock, so it is not a gift
I got it with a sniff of the umbilical cord
Niggas is whores for attention, so when I'm spitting it raw
I'm just pimping
I got a way with murder, not away with murder
So I earn it, not stealing, keep watching Simpson
He's behind some hard bars that's not mine
So open your stupid ass mind if you got time
These other niggas want that parking lot shine
I want that youngest in the top 5 type shine
So you could say my fucking name like 5 times
Candyman, my hooks will murder you and your blind eyes
So support if you want, but if toy Soulja
Step on the court, you get dunked, fucking dummy
And people wonder why I don't fuck with money
But got a lot of it, funny
Niggas ain't know I grew my hair out on purpose
Now that I cut it, they nervous
If I'm bullshit, they're bird shit

Charles Hamilton
Hey man, I ain't mad at.. I ain't mad at little homie, he doing his thing
Let me just tell you my peace though
Yeah I be in meetings where they say
Charles Hamilton, Soulja Boy
The only comparison is that I'm you last year with talent
Ohhhh the bloggers are gonna call me an asshole for that
I'm sitting on top of the world
No auto tune there
I swear I love on top of the world man
Can't take me from here
I'm out



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