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Make Me an Instrument

| Monday, June 25, 2012 |

Flowers have the sunshine
And the earth has the rain
Lord, You know, I'm nothing
Without Your Spirit
Well, my life is so in vain
Mold me and make me
Help me to be more like You
Make me an instrument of love brand new

Make me an instrument of Your love today
May I remember Your sweet children Lord
Every time that I pray
Let me see the good side
And the bad side of every day
Make me an instrument of love Your way

Some people
They speak about Your love
But with them, I know, it's just talk
When I caught a glimpse of Your real love
I know, it was hanging on that old rugged cross
Let me feel like my Jesus
As He prayed for my Father to forgive
Make me an instrument, of love Your way

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