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| Saturday, March 2, 2013 |

[Intro: Charles Hamilton]
Greetings, sit down. How you feeling this evening?
Good, as long as you didn't say, "grieving."
If that made you laugh, don't think about leaving.
There'll be no more talks about skeeting.
Very few drug references, no heating, no peeing, no repeating.
Gotta keep it hot. Won't be no deleting.
I'm trying to keep my eyes dry while I'm reading.
The last female who I was seeing
Pretty much wasn't for the keeping.
But she had all my music straight from the key ring.
My heart, body, and soul; what a beating.
I'm rebuilding, she's chilling.
But she's in possession of deep feelings.
Love isn't enough. Death is too much.
But with it comes love and trust.

[Hook: Charles Hamilton]
I would wake up all because of her.
Lay down to the thought of her.
Only leave the house for her.
Now my fire is doused because of her.
Never had a nightmare until her.
Now my only nightmare is her.
But I will be fine without her.
I just wish my bottom line was not her.

[Verse One: Charles Hamilton]
I'm hurting.
I admit I was why our thing wasn't working.
She would go online and see traces of me flirting.
Naked pictures and comments of other girls smirking.
I'm sure she thought the love chain, I was jerking.
But it was for her, every beat I was murking.
Even when I felt the love reaper out lurking.
All love is forever is the thing I was certain
About no matter what thought was occurring.
Every time I saw her my soul would start stirring.
I could feel during, I had her kitty purring.
Nowadays I'm careful about my wording.
Still the same fury, but with less worry.
No more of a hurry, just not as dirty.
Look, I'm almost thirty
So even if I didn't give my beats and sentences
As a "Please don't leave me in the wind."
She needed to be a friend.


I feel soulless without you.
You were my Her.
Mind, (?), soul, and now you.
There are no words.
Tell me how can I feel better without you.
What happened to her?
So I wrote this letter about you.
I hope you heard.


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